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Spanish Course in Valdivia (housing included!)

Santiago Language introduces the opportunity to learn Spanish in the south of Chile in the beautiful city of Valdivia. The course combines Spanish classes with trips in Valdiva region. This means studying for 4 hours and in the afternoon we will go out so you can practice you Spanish with the people of Valdivia.

The good thing is that housing is included. So the course starts at breakfast.

Valdivia is situated in the river district. The blue rivers Calle Calle and Cruces come together in Valdivia. The beach and ocean are at 20 kilometers and different lakes like lago Ranco, lago Villlarica and the volcanos Villarica and Osorno are also easily accessible during a day trip from Valdivia.

Price is 699 US Dollar for 5 days en courses start in December. For more information send an email to

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